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Frolic Registration Form

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Birth Date:   day                        month                                 year              

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Which Frolic are is your Registration for?                         Tuition

 1.   ____- Vita Flex Training                                                                         $297

Minimum 7 hours of training with Certificate of attendance (limit 12 per Instructor)

 2.           - Raindrop Training                                             $397

Minimum 7 hours of training with Certificate of attendance (limit 12 per Instructor)

Vita Flex & Raindrop Combo                                               $597

Early Bird Vita Flex and Raindrop Combo                   Ends       $550

 See it!                     Do it!                  Receive it!    

3.           “Empowering Life Flexibility Frolic”    Dates:      $997

    3 Days Immersed in Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Worthy Ideals                 

                                  Early Bird ends                 $897

-       Explore Life Flexibility                                   - Chart your Compelling Future;           

-       Learn to Laugh (at yourself);                            - Expel Limiting Fears

                                               – Simply Change or Upgrade DNA!!

 4.   ____ “Emotional Release with TGEO Facilitator Frolic”             

    Pre-requisite: 1. VF, 2. RDT, 3. ELF         Dates:           $997

3    Days Immersed in Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Receive and Facilitate the Emotional Release Techniques we have found most Beneficial to our family and Clients.

                                                     Early Bird ends      $897

 “Frolicking Dragonfly” Attendees - have a Certificate in the above?  Attend ever after for 50% of regular tuition (the cost to cover supplies.)

Seven Months to Serenity

5.   _____ “GYLG Work at Home Success” Strategies    7 Months of Assistance

3 months (97 days) Online Work At Home Success –       

Starts: May 1, 2013 – Dec.17, 2013

Guaranteed to Please or money refunded.

Build a Website that works for YOU to increase your Prospect Possibilities and Financial Success without constantly exchanging Time for Dollars!

1.     Includes a complete Web Building Course with Domain Name and Web Hosting.

2.     Includes at least 27 hours of online personal Coaching

                                                               [Aprox. Value $2100] (Skype with your Coach)

3.     Includes at least 20 hours of Group Coaching Telecasts

                                                             [Aprox. Value $1400] (2 hrs. Weekly for 3 months) 

 All this for less than the price of a lunch a day.  

Your the Winner - Guaranteed!

For Tuition and Course registration details Click here.

Compare our program to other Web Hosting and/or free e-book  Make your Knowledge Sell

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Client Gratitude

You simply 'Inspire folks to Live Higher'. Thank you for the Inspiration to Grow that you have given me. Now I know some of what has been holding me back.

Linda L.

I really enjoyed those 2 days.  Learned lots, and can’t wait to learn more about the oils and how they can improve our health.  Awesome job Lois!!  Laurie Q.

Nothing to improve; very good.  I appreciate Lois’ sensitivity to my needs and those around her.  A very loving person.  I feel very, very blessed.  Jody S.

Simply the Best!!

Thanks so Much Lois for all you DO.  Val H.