An e-frolic, usually called an e-course, in Whole Life Living Marketing a Home Business (Your Young Living Business) in the most successful way without constantly exchanging Time for Dollar$.  I want you to have at least what I have for your retirement years, beginning NOW.

(13 years to exceed a 'corp. pension plan' that is called a 'fixed income'; by build an Income that keeps increasing instead of decreasing.  In 13 years of my spare time, while continuing to Live Life, my YL 'Pension' became more than my husband's, who put in 30 years for a 'fixed retirement fund'.  Learning from what I learned, you can do this much faster - especially with today's modern technology.)

I'm excited to be offering you Coaching in the coming months to make THIS Your Time to be Abundant, to Find Purpose and above all to BE WELL.

My intention is to Reach out to All of You instead of just the few I have been able to come to in years past, as there travel time is limited.

Instead of Travel, Your Incredible is my Aim - to see you all through Skype or some other model that we can both access.

I am looking for 22 People to begin with, willing to Invest a few hours of Time and Energy each week for 22 Weeks.

- to Find the Love they are Looking for

- to Investigate their God Given Gifts (Talents) 

- to Live FROM Purpose

- to Find the Body and Mind that has been lost in the Fat, Fatigue, Fog and fears of people pleasing.

- to Invest in Discovering the Financial Freedom we call Abundance

This e-frolic is aimed at "Being the Best of Who WE were Created to BE!"

e-frolic Content

Work at Home Success Strategies

Laying the Foundation

Build a Website that works for YOU to increase your 

Prospect Possibilities and Financial Success without

constantly exchanging Time for Dollars!

1.     Includes a complete Web Building Course with Domain Name and Web Hosting.                                                [Aprox. Value $2100]

2.     Includes at least 20 hours of online personal Coaching

                                          [Aprox. Value $2100] (Skype with your Coach)

3.     Includes at least 22 hours of Group Coaching Telecasts

                                    [Aprox. Value $1400] (2 hrs. Weekly for 3 months)

4.   Life Style and Nutrition Coaching - Look and Feel your Very Best

Explore the 'sick reasons' your are less than Vibrant Energy.

 All this for less than the price of a lunch a day.  

Your the Winner - Guaranteed!

We are so sure you will benefit from Seven Month to Serenity that we give you

our Stamp of Guarantee:

If you absolutely Danced on all the Lily Pads, 

If you Listened to and Absorbed the Teleclasses; 

If Availed yourself to the 20 hours of personal coaching; 

If you maintained a Young Living Essential Rewards Program with $300 PV each month

If you committed to the assignments:

But still feel you did not benefit from this program, we will gladly

Credit your Young Living Account with $300.

What is the Tuition? 

What is the Tuition?  How much is this going to cost me?

1.  For 7 Months, beginning August 7, 2014 you will be Investing $300 PV on your Young Living Essential Rewards Autoship order. (you must maintain at least $300 PV to be eligible for this training.  You will learn why in the course.)

2.  You will be Investing in an SBI Website and Training.  (There is a monthly fee or a yearly fee of around $300 Canadian.)

3. You must be committed to a $300 PV Essential Rewards Order every month.

4. You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain.  Will you join the Successful?

Very Simple!  My Ivestment is in YOU, my Valued Team.  

Your Investment is in Your Purpose, Wellness and Abundance for Years to Come. (If this is not affordable, and you are willing to put in the time, then please contact me for an alternative.)

Register Immediately through the Contact Form, as the Spots are filling up and Registration for this e-Frolic ends on August 3, 2014.

This is NOT a Young Living website.  

Compiled by Lois Loyek, an Independent Young Living distributor #324798.                                I serve the Public with a Pause to PAWS  I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, who uses Young Living Products to enhance other Coaching Methods with great success. 

Client Gratitude

You simply 'Inspire folks to Live Higher'. Thank you for the Inspiration to Grow that you have given me. Now I know some of what has been holding me back.

Linda L.

I really enjoyed those 2 days.  Learned lots, and can’t wait to learn more about the oils and how they can improve our health.  Awesome job Lois!!  Laurie Q.

Nothing to improve; very good.  I appreciate Lois’ sensitivity to my needs and those around her.  A very loving person.  I feel very, very blessed.  Jody S.

Simply the Best!!

Thanks so Much Lois for all you DO.  Val H.