About Us

About us is based on Growing Young, Living Gracefully and  marketing home business successfully as you learn through our eFrolic and other helps on this website.

I am looking forward to getting acquainted and finding out what your website will be about. Maybe, we can learn from each other.

However, they tell me any good website exposes the author up front.

So here's a little of my story and Why I am choosing to Coach you toward Growing your Own Success. I look forward to hearing your success story.

I have spent a lot of time Researching and Studying to find the Best of the Best, not to mention 'invested a lot of money' to do so.  

It is now High Time to Share the Research of 20 years on the computer. In fact I have a whole lot more info because of delays and mistakes.

NEVER fear delays that we normally call mistakes.

Our Purpose is “To Inspire ‘to Live Higher’”

Many years ago, I received a message from a ‘Fortune Cookie’

“You have the ability to seek out Higher Truths

and Share them in Simplicity.”

I had to admit that “Yes, I did have that ability.”

AND Yes, I have been withholding my Gift from the World. And though I have much Success in my life, it is time to leave my “Comfort Zone” and SHARE with YOU as we find out more about us both.

Lois Loyek Profile Credentials:

High School Diploma 1966

Office work from 1966-1972

Stay at Home Mom from 1972-1993 - Creating deductions:

Sales awards -Artex/Trichem (home party embroidery painting)

-Welcome Wagon Hostess

- Young Living Essential Oils


Arising out of desperation “to find Solutions Empowering Life Flexibility",

I was lead first to Nutrition Consulting

Certified Nutrition Consultant 1984 Arizona

- Eck Institute of Bio Energetics and Applied Nutrition

- Vita Flex Certificate 1991– Red Deer College

- Certified Dressmaker/Designer 1987

o Owned a Diaper Service (mostly deductions, but that’s for another page)

o Designed and created diapers for babies and Adults

o Designed and created stuffed toys etc.

o Designed and Created Wedding Apparel

Romance with Aromatherapy started in 1988

and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in 2000.

Essential Oil Certificates through Young Living Essential Oils (quite a few) 2000 forward--

Fully Certified CARE Instructor 2005 (retired from there in 2007)

o Did hands-on Body Work for several years

o Teach Vita Flex and Raindrop Techniques with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

o Coached Frolics that include the Powerful Influence of Essential Oil

and Aroma Hypnosis

o Along with a lot of Brainwave Training, Clearing Trapped Emotions with Aroma and Hypnosis. Tapping, Letting Go and Law of Attraction Coaching.


- Basic and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


- Always wanted to be a Published AUTHOR since a wonderful Teacher in grade 5 saw something worthwhile in me.

So you can see I have had a bit of experience.

“I’ve been there done that” so to speak.

I often say that “Variety Graces my Day.”

Marital Status:

With the ‘First Husband’ for nearly 5 decades

(a race horse (me) + a work horse (him))

Well, what is the secret to a long relationship?

( hang in there through thick and thin - IT’S HIGHLY WORTH IT)

I have always felt that if a couple put as much work into their relationship as they do into a new relationship, they would have

“One hot and Passionate Relationship”.

However, too often we are unable to let go of the hurts and we carry them into the next relationship. (we will talk about this later) .

I am a Grandmother with 5 Grandchildren, the families of 3 Children.

Our children came to us from different sources. Just because children are not born of my womb, do not make them any less My Children. I love them as much as any mother could love her children without preference.

This is often a consideration of others looking on the mixed family. They will ask “which ones were adopted?” OR “Which one is your own?”

My Answer is always: THEY ALL ARE MINE!.

When one of the children had a childhood complication, and the doctor suggested that it could be hereditary, I began wondering if it was something I did when I was young? Then I began to question whether my husband may have had this issue and was going to ask him when we got home.

Well, about ½ way home, it dawned on me ‘our blood lines would not have anything to do with this child’s issue’.

At that point, I knew without a shadow of a doubt:

“this IS MY CHILD”.

We also have 3 children that, as adults chose us as Parents. Not because they did not have parents, but because they needed a Family to belong to, or Parents that would claim them with Unconditional Love.

From this assortment, there are another 6 Grandchildren, and 2 Great Grandchildren. Perhaps this will identify yet some more Experience from which we speak.

Reason for Continual Education:

Reportedly the “Dumb Child” … maybe to disprove the ‘label’

And then with the Strengths Finder Report, I found out that my #1 Strength was that of 'Learner'.   Let's see what yours will be!

My Occupation Today?

By Combining the Creative with the Practical; the Mind with the Heart; and using all the TOOLS Collected along the way,

I Occupy my time as a 

Coach in Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Creatively Designing mp3 downloads that take into consideration your Unique and Individual Blueprint, to compose around; moving folks beyond their 'Stuck' places.

If I am not in front of my computer or teaching Wellness, Purpose and Abundance; I may be found hugging Grandchildren, Traveling America, Gardening, or hiking.


Leading a Group of 10-20 people who truly wish to BE INSPIRED to turn their lives around from the INSIDE OUT through

Empowering Life Flexibility Frolics.

SHARING and Web Weaving Beneficial Information about how life truly works drives my Passion.

A Little History

In 1977 Doctors told me to: “Learn to live with IT. Get used to the facts.” Labeled with MS at age 14; Osteoporosis, Lupus, pre-Diabetic and Manic Depression by age 33 was not a pretty picture.Thus began much Research and Growth in the simple Laws of the Universe.

I did not plan to continue prescriptive drugs, forced upon me from childhood. I knew by age 28 they were at the root of the disabilities. I was a young mother with 3 small children, and heading quickly toward a wheel chair.

(Nor did I know that some of the Trauma I was living with stemmed from Sexual Abuse in early childhood. Depression and/or weight gain and sometime both are symptoms of abuse.)

Natural Healers are now my passion. From this Passion I am dedicated to Sharing valuable content with a world hungry for Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom – Especially those who have suffered Childhood Abuse of any sort.

I look forward to sharing with you through the web or at a Frolic - For Life is Truly to be Love and Lived in Motion,

not commotion.

Thank you in full Gladittude!

This is often the SOLUTION.

This is NOT a Young Living website.  

Compiled by Lois Loyek, an Independent Young Living distributor #324798.                                I serve the Public with a Pause to PAWS  I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, who uses Young Living Products to enhance other Coaching Methods with great success. 

Client Gratitude

You simply 'Inspire folks to Live Higher'. Thank you for the Inspiration to Grow that you have given me. Now I know some of what has been holding me back.

Linda L.

I really enjoyed those 2 days.  Learned lots, and can’t wait to learn more about the oils and how they can improve our health.  Awesome job Lois!!  Laurie Q.

Nothing to improve; very good.  I appreciate Lois’ sensitivity to my needs and those around her.  A very loving person.  I feel very, very blessed.  Jody S.

Simply the Best!!

Thanks so Much Lois for all you DO.  Val H.