Starting Young Living

Dear GYLG Associates - Starting Young Living but wondering how?  Let us lead you through example.

Thank you for your steady growth in 

      Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance

Believe me - It is FUN to see that little deposit in the Bank Account GROW, thanks to Young Living sharing its Advertising Dollars with us instead of the Magazine and TV Companies.

(Do you know how expensive Advertising is?  Do a little research and you will find that those Big and Major Bucks are where this company gets the revenue to pay us for doing their advertising)

Sharing Young Living is just as easy as sharing your thoughts on the best movie you have watched, or the best restaurant you have eaten at or where you bought your fabulous outfit at.  

 But does the Movie Company or the Restaurant or the Clothing Company share their profit with you, because you are advertising for them? NO!

When I started with Young Living, we as a couple had Issues, MAJOR, with our Wellness or lack of it.  As I am not a sales person, I gave earning my products from Young Living very little thought.  We just needed to be WELL!

Then something happened – as we Grew Young, living gracefully, folks began to comment and ask what we were doing.  The change was very obvious for them to see.  So we simply told them what we were using and how it had affected our Wellness.

 The obvious question was “how can we get this stuff too?”

 Well, you can just go to and order as a Customer for the Retail Price, OR – you can buy a Start Living Kit and get things for Wholesale.  Of course most wanted the wholesale price, so we helped them through the process of getting a Wholesale Account with Young Living.  After all, it only takes a $50 order a year to keep a Wholesale Account open once you have the Starter Kit.

However, for many our process was “Duplicating”.  Others were asking them how they returned to Wellness and they too, began to share their experience.

Often our ‘thinking mind’ comes up with the excuse that I don’t want to make money off my family and friends.  Possibly true, possibly not!  

So are you going to continue letting the dentist, doctors, pharmacy, and grocery stores make money off them by withholding the Good their very own Young Living Store could provide for their Wellness, as well as the money they need to pay for their own stuff?

If you truly knew something would help a family member be Well, and enjoy living, would you keep it from them if you were not getting paid to advertise?  NO!  

So then why are you concerned about ‘making money off them’ (actually only the Country’s Mint is allowed to make money.  The rest of us can earn some)? 

Think of it as helping them earn the Money they need to get the products they need to be Well.  After all, they will be spending at least as much as they are going to spend at Their Own Young Living Store somewhere else and get much less value for their Expense.

So in reality, you are not taking money from them; you are giving them the opportunity to have what they NEED paid for.

I love our new Compensation Plan, as it gives us the opportunity to simply help one another Grow Young Living Gracefully by placing new members under who needs the Financial Assistance at this time.

I am so Excited for those of you that have seen this great opportunity of sharing such wonderful Healing Energy that only Nature can provide.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and Next Time I will tell you about the Silver Retreat I just came home from – Thanks to Young Living paying my way, (and yours when you achieve Silver)

AND a Greater Thanks to every one of YOU for your Lifting me to this Opportunity on OUR Success Journey, YOURS and mine.  Thank you!

Now that we are Starting Young Living to the Best Possible Advantage, then you may like to proceed to our Home Page or to view our Live Events page.

This is NOT a Young Living website.  

Compiled by Lois Loyek, an Independent Young Living distributor #324798.                                I serve the Public with a Pause to PAWS  I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, who uses Young Living Products to enhance other Coaching Methods with great success. 

Client Gratitude

You simply 'Inspire folks to Live Higher'. Thank you for the Inspiration to Grow that you have given me. Now I know some of what has been holding me back.

Linda L.

I really enjoyed those 2 days.  Learned lots, and can’t wait to learn more about the oils and how they can improve our health.  Awesome job Lois!!  Laurie Q.

Nothing to improve; very good.  I appreciate Lois’ sensitivity to my needs and those around her.  A very loving person.  I feel very, very blessed.  Jody S.

Simply the Best!!

Thanks so Much Lois for all you DO.  Val H.