Grow Young, Living Gracefully

Grow Young, Living Gracefully with tools that Nature Abundantly Provides.

We are about Valuable Tools that Inspire and Empower to Grow Young, living gracefully even in retirement years.  How do We know?

They are working for us.  When  either my husband's age or mine comes up, folks are amazed.  They often think we are 20 years (now 30 years) younger than we are; thanks to some pretty amazing Elite Grade Essential Oils, Nutrition and Law of Attraction Principles.  

We are both considered "Seniors" with very little grey hair.  

No, we do not dye! Never have.

Is this Genetic?  Doubtful, if you look at siblings and cousins, now that are even younger and are dealing with a multitude of  health issues that we left behind many years ago.

Is it because we have been healthy all our lives and followed a healthy lifestyle?  

Absolutely NO!  

Once it is up, see "Needing a Sick Reason" for the Details on this one.

My Story: of Growing Young, Living Gracefully

When I was 30, my whole life had to change, or the Sick Reasons would get the best of me. I was unprepared for being in a wheelchair in less than 10 years. I had a repeat Diagnosis of MS; and added Lupus erythematosus, Osteoporosis in my hips, Hypoglycemia and Manic Depression (now called Bipolar).


I had 3 little Children to live for and Nurture.

The Allopathic Medical System had no answers.  

I was told to "Go home and learn to live with IT".

Research into Growing Younger

Thus the Research began in earnest, and that is what I wish to share with you through Grow Young, living gracefully.

I wish to Show you how you too can use these tool to be Well, Abundant and Living from your Unique Purpose.

First I studied Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy.  I began to gain a measure of Wellness.

Secondly I began to study Aromatherapy.  I had little benefit, accept for a pleasant smelling bath and environment.  In fact sometimes the expensive oils I was buying actually made me stuff up like perfumes often do.

Then in 1999 we both suffered major set backs to our Wellness.  Something very definitely needed to be done to get above the toxicity and mental fog and confusion.

That is when The Elite Grade Essential Oils were introduced to us.  And how thankful we are that God's Ancient Medicinal Elements were again brought back to heal mankind!  Thankful that someone, who really cares, D Gary Young, was entrusted with the Farming and Distillation of these Fragrant Molecules that have been known for centuries for their healing abilities.  They are experienced oils, as they already have the knowledge to heal the plants first.

I wish to prove to you that Wellness, well into your Senior years is possible, and you can have the abundance that makes living on purpose Incredible.

I wish to prove to you that Abundance is possible in every aspect of your Living at any age.

I wish to prove to you that it is Possible to fulfill your Purpose for being here on this Planet at this time - Fulfilled by Empowering Life's Flexibility in using your Unique talents that you arrived here with.

Stick with us, and we will continue the Journey of Transformation!

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Compiled by Lois Loyek, an Independent Young Living distributor #324798.                                I serve the Public with a Pause to PAWS  I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, who uses Young Living Products to enhance other Coaching Methods with great success. 

Client Gratitude

You simply 'Inspire folks to Live Higher'. Thank you for the Inspiration to Grow that you have given me. Now I know some of what has been holding me back.

Linda L.

I really enjoyed those 2 days.  Learned lots, and can’t wait to learn more about the oils and how they can improve our health.  Awesome job Lois!!  Laurie Q.

I just enjoyed this peace-Full-easy Learning with Lois.  Like always excellent.  Love you Lois – Thank you! Marlene W.

Nothing to improve; very good.  I appreciate Lois’ sensitivity to my needs and those around her.  A very loving person.  I feel very, very blessed.  Jody S.

Really enjoyed the training.  Thanks for your openness. 

Cheryl C.

Simply the Best!!

Thanks so Much Lois for all you DO.  Val H.